System Thread Exception Not Handled | [Solved]

System Thread Exception Not Handled: Is your computer is showing that blue screen that you are not aware of?

Are you sort of confuse that about where does it come from?

Then let me throw some light on it, that why that blue screen appears.

So basically when you turn on your power button from the computer or generally laptop, so what you expect is just to power on and load up your computer without any fault, but when your computer is, especially in Windows 10, if you are a very new and you are not aware of any driver things or you are unable to update a driver, then these circumstances happens when the blue screen appears which basically popup when you immediately in a boot process and it may take 10 to 15 minutes before your computer runs into an error.

Due to this blue screen of death and generally is an error code that shows system thread exception not handled error.

When this error occurs your computer gets stuck in & you will just unable to do anything.

So here we have we are going to discuss today in the article that what you can do when such an error appears and you have no idea where it comes from.

Here we have mentioned few methods which you can apply and get rid of the screen.

Before getting to know how you can solve and fix it, let us know

What makes the System Thread Exception Not Handled error appears.

This error basically shows that your system is having a thread basically which is generated as an exception error that handles with the handler is not getting caught.

As a result of not getting caught and fixing the error, the blue screen appears which basically call the computer to try and get information but it shows if this code is appearing very often by numbers then you are just lucky that you are not having a file name as a big which is fine. Example0x0000007E, 0x1000007E.

Unfortunately if this particular appears in your computer then it may possible that you may end up in the boots which is incomplete so that you need to require it to use in a safe mode.

What are the timings when System Thread Exception Not Handled error occurs and what the reason behind it is?

So basically, this error occurred at the time of booting the computer from shutting down, or at the time of restarting it. Basically, this occurs when the user running program which requires specific graphic drivers to work.

But this code does appear because when the computer is not having capable drivers installed majorly this happens due to the graphic drivers which maybe are corrupted or outdated or maybe they just playing wrong.

It is possible that maybe your graphic drivers are just manipulated by viruses or something, so this is the reason why this error appears in majorly Windows 10.

Here below we are going to show you in case if you are facing file name error codes.

So that you can get to know better which filename error indicates what.

Count yourself lucky if you have the below error code which has a name attached to it. So that it can be very easy for you to recognize that what driver of the graphic is having which problem?

In case you can easily update or repair that particular driver even you can resolve this error completely.

Let us discuss the names which are having an error.

  • Atikmdag.sys: If it shows this particular file name as an error then it basically comes from the ATI Radeon family which basically relates to the video card. In case you have installed AMD graphic cards in your computer then this driver card is outdated or is just installed incorrectly.
  • Nvlddmkm.sys: This file name is basically also a graphic driver which is from the Nvidia Windows kernel driver. It is related to the Nvidia video card which basically is a powered graphic card installed which means again your drivers of this card are just outdated or corrupted or just not right install.
  • Dxgmms2.sys: This file name error is connected with DirectX drivers that we have installed.
  • Ntfs.sys: This filename error indicates that it is for the Windows NT server.
  • Bcmwl63a.sys: This filename is for Broadcom 802.11 network adaptor, basically this adaptor is requiring a wireless driver which is developed specially by Broadcom Corporation. The error appears when this driver is installed incorrectly or they are just out there it and you did not have updated them.
  • CMUDA.sys: If this file name appears then that it is associated with the USB device audio driver.

So if you are getting the above-mentioned filename as a POP of error then it just means that you need to install and uninstall and also maybe reinstall or just update the drivers associated with the filename.

Also if you are having a different system file attached with the error code then you just need to search for the driver of the particular file name online, so that you can find out which driver is having an issue basically and in case if no such system file comes in an error.

So you just need to update all the major drivers are available on your computer which basically includes the wireless drivers, sound, audio drivers, LAN network or just display drivers.

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How you can boot into safe mode on Windows 10 operating system to solve System Thread Exception Not Handled error.

System Thread Exception Not Handled

While doing this in a safe mode you just need to make sure that you’re on to break the reboot loop which is stuck in so that you can get started with booting into the Windows recovery environment prior to safe mode.

Here below we have mentioned a few steps which you need to follow in order to start boot into safe mode.

  • You need to hold onto your computer power button at least for 10 seconds and turn your computer off.
  • Once it is off completely, you just need to press again power button to turn it on.
  • Thereafter as soon as it starts appearing Windows sign is the logo of it, you just need to hold the power button again for 10 seconds to turn it off.
  • Then you need to press the power button turn it back on repeat this process until your device is fully restarted and make sure you enter in WinRe.

Below we have listed amazing methods with the help of which you will be able to fix errors.

You need to find out which driver is causing System Thread Exception Not Handled Error.

There are many drivers which can cause you this problem as we have studied earlier. So very easy way to check what it is causing and which driver is it, you just need to follow below step.

From the keyboard, you need to press the Windows key + R to pull up the Run dialogue box.

Thereafter you need to enter eventvwr into a lightbox and you need to hit on ok

Thereafter you need to see Windows logs and click on the menu dropdown.

Thereafter you need to click on the system from the drop-down menu to view all the events that recently happened.

Thereafter you need to find the error and end you need to check the driver which belongs to it.

Update drivers to solve System Thread Exception Not Handled Error.

A very easy way to fix this non-compatible driver is just by simply updating them.

So that you can replace the previous versions with a new one and you can install them again.

What you just need to do is just need to open the device manager by writing device manager onto your computer search button and then you need to hit on Windows key + X and you need to select drive device manager.

In order to update the drivers you need to go through the list and you need to right-click on every piece of hardware driver and you need to choose to update in which includes this driver network, adaptor drivers, sound devices driver, audio device driver, and also display adaptor drivers.

When you click on update driver you can also search them automatically to update into their recent version.

In order to re-install a driver you just need to uninstall it first and then you need to search from the device manufacturer’s website to find the right driver there and then you can simply download the most recent driver and you can install it manually.

Conclusion For Solving System Thread Exception Not Handled Error:

We did provide you with the best possible ways and the possible methods to fix your error. We are sure that this can help you out and you can solve your problem as soon as you find this article. Thank you so much for reading. Share if you like it.