Discord Update Failed On Windows 10 [*Fixed*]

Discord Update Failed: In today’s article we are going to discuss about the most common problem of discord which is, what if your discord is not able to update on Windows 10 PC.

So do not worry, we have brought the solutions and also we will provide you more methods so that you can use it alternate as per your convenient.

So we know that you are a one who is a multi-game player and has his own discord account because we know the discord is one of the great way for the Gamers to interact and share the gaming milestone with the world.

Also we have heard about the complaint of getting on Discord Update Failed on the windows pc’s.

Let get into the article of:

Discord Update Failed How you can update discord on Windows 10.

Don’t look here and there just to update discord on your Windows 10 you just need to concentrate on the method which we are going to discuss today and your query will be solve once you go through them.

So in order to update discord on Windows 10 you just have to follow our simple and easy methods.

Yes, we know that discord is one of the great featured application where you can chat around with a hell lot of people and it also uses a lot of resources and varieties of application formation.

So due to these there are often issues where your computer don’t process so we have make it respectable so that you can solve your problem of updating.

If you are done trying again and again and you are still getting failed and are not able to install and update the discord application. Don’t lose hope just follow the below mentioned methods and you will be done.

Method 1: Updating discord by disabling windows defender.

So windows defender is one of the building and the virus which is available on Windows 10.

As per this it is very aggressive when it comes to classifying. So it considered as a hazardous one.

So if you are getting problem of Discord Update Failed than windows defender can be the one who is preventing your PC in installing the files.

  • What you need to do is you just need to turn off your Windows firewall for a little time while you can on the other hand install the discord.
  • So for turning Windows firewall off what you need to do is you need to search and type and run Settings.
  • There after you need to go to update and security Windows security virus and threat protection is managed in Settings.
  • There after you need to swipe turn on real protection option to the off and you need to change the settings and you just need to exist the application.
  • If you are updating discord after turning off the firewall application and you are succeeding then you need to turn on the windows security to enable it with the real time protection.

Let’s get to the steps where you can unblock all the incoming connections in windows defender firewall.

  • In order to do so you need to type Firewall and network protection in search and run the program.
  • There after you need to open your active network connection and you need to uncheck block all incoming connections under windows defender firewall and you will be able to disable the firewall.

Method 2: For updating discord is via disabling your antivirus.

In case if the method one is not working for you, then you need to look around for the other anti-virus which is of third party might available in your system. Because there are certain antiviruses which are over jealous of Malicious items which might found in your PC.

discord update failed

So sometimes they disrupt the process and don’t allow file to install so you need to make sure that your antivirus is not blocking the discord update.

You need to open the software immediately and you need to disable protection just for few times on the other hand you can easily update your discord.

So just to be safer we would recommend you to use such antivirus which combines with round the clock security and has the ability to distinguish multiple and trusted file items.

Method 3: updating discord is you need to update as administrator.

There might be a possibility that discord is not running due to the administrative level privileges to run.

So you need to fix it before you install and update it.

Before doing this you need to ensure that discord or its updating process is running on your PC.

For doing so you need to just open the task manager and you need to confirm that no process is running behind which is related to discuss if anyone is running you need to stop them there.

Step 1: You need to navigate the location of the downloaded discord update.

Step 2: There you need to right click on the file and you have to select run as administrator from the list and you need to update the process.

Don’t worry you just need to ignore the warning message if any appears.

Method 4: of updating discord is by installing it to another folder.

We have found that many reporter of successful in updating the Discord when they install it to another folder.

So let’s give a chance to this method also.

  • You need to find discord folder on your PC and you have to change its location and in this process you need to choose the folder location where it is used to install location by the install wizard.

Method 5: for updating discord is renaming the update file.

Step 1: You need to open file explorer and you need to type %Local app data% in the part of the field.

Step 2: Then after you need to bring the locals a folder inside the hidden appdata folder.

Step 3: You need to find the update.in in the discord folder.

Step 4: You need to rename it to something and then you have to try to install it.

Method 6: of updating discord is by the re-installing Discord.

After trying All the above mentioned method and still you are unable to update discord on your device.

  • Then you need to have a fresh new application installed. Below are step how we can do.
  • You need to delete your discord and all the files and folders which contain it in your computer and don’t forget to take the backup which you need.
  • Then you need to visit discord website to download the latest version of it and install it on your PC and don’t forget to disable your virus protection or other protection software before running it.

And hence we have given you great methods through which you can install discord without any interference and most the problem solves when you install the latest application and follow the above steps. So just give them a try and let us know if it would be helpful to you. we also provide many game download you can check it here.