Discord Not Detecting Mic | Methods & Guide [Fixed]

Discord Not Detecting Mic: If you are a great gamer then you would know that discord is the main view VOIP service provider especially for Gamers. Who are from the past few years and also it is a very popular now and it keeps growing day by day because it is very easy to use application.

The team that is developing this application is a great team that puts their complete efforts into updating it frequently and fixing all the bugs regularly.

Still, as the nature of an application, there are few bugs that are not getting solved easily and which can cause us the “Discord not detecting mic” problem which us one of the very common issues which happen to a lot of users.

Also the bug actually and you won’t be able to get back in the communication with and also we understand that it is a highly frustrating thing because it happens every often.

Majorly mic issue happens every now and then in discord. So in this article, we have brought you a step by step information’s and methods through which you can get be able to solve this problem and you can get hopefully better communication using discord.

Before getting started with solving the Discord Not Detecting Mic Problem,

Here below are few things which you need to try out first.

  • What you need to do is you need to close down discord and you have to try reopening it. What happens sometimes is the issue solves by doing so.
  • What the other thing you need to do is you need to unplug your audio mic Jack along with all the USB you have plugged in and then you need to reopen the discord again.
  • Apart from the above options, they are still not working, then you definitely need to restart your computer and you need to bring back the use of your Mike.
  • In spite of doing all the mention three things and still, your problem exists and you are not able to the login of discord instead of closing in the then what you need to do is you just need to log out and you have to button down called user settings and you need to log backend you need to check whether it’s worked or not.

Basically, you need to just close the application and you have to run it as an administrator by just right-clicking it on a desktop icon.

Apart from the first three steps, there are few methods which we will suggest you give them a chance to fix this problem.

So let’s get started with the different methods to fix “Discord Not Detecting Mic”.

Method 1: Update the audio driver:

  • There might be a possibility when your driver’s date is outdated or they just get corrupted due to some virus.
  • You can easily fix this driver problem just by updating them manually.
  • What you need to do is you need to visit the manufacturer of your audio card and you have to select and download the latest driver.
  • Once you have done it your motherboard will read it and it will definitely start working well.

Method 2: You need to make sure that you are using the correct Discord Mic.

  • If you are not a great one in selecting a mic, then you need to just check out that the mic which your discord is using is the right one or not.
  • So that you can get your problem to solve, so very basic thing is that you will be able to get the wrong device which will be resulting in discord not detecting mic.
  • Here are the steps that you need to do in order to make sure that this call is using the correct mic.
  • You need to hit visit on the user setting which will be on the bottom of the application.
  • Thereafter you need to click on the voice and video option which will be available below the application setting.
  • Then after you need to click on the input device and there you have to use the drop-down menu to select your device.
  • Once you did that you will be able to make sure that the input volume which is located under the dropdown is at maximum.

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Method 3: Resetting your voice settings.

  • You need to start by the user settings which will be located at the bottom.
  • Thereafter you need to go to the voice and video which will be located on the app setting header.
  • Thereafter you need to scroll down to see the reset voice setting option which will be in the red supported box.
  • Then you need to click on that box and you have to hit ok and then you need to reconnect and check to see whether it’s working or not.

Discord Not Detecting Mic

Method 4: You need to try automatic input sensitivity.

  • There are few times when the mic stops working because it has off automatic input sensitive lately option is disabled.
  • So discord fields automatically detecting it and you result in this error.
  • So what you need to do is you need to follow the simple mention steps and in order to enable the automatic input sensitivity option.
  • You have to go to the user setting and you have to click on the voice and video option, which will be under the application setting.
  • Then after you need to see the dual-colour bar which will indicate input sensitivity.
  • There you need to turn on the switch and you will be getting it is detected automatically.

Discord Not Detecting Mic

Method 5: Try Push to talk.

  • You are not aware of this option then you don’t need to worry because it is not a great one that you need to notice down, but also if you are a gamer then no need to worry because let us explain how this work and also sometimes due to this is might possible that you face some inconveniences, but we are sure that it will just for a while.
  • Very first you need to visit on user settings and there you will be seeing the option of voice and video.
  • Thereafter you need to click on the Push to talk and you will be able to see the input sensitivity bar which will change to a shortcut box and help it will allow you to edit.
  • Then you need to start recording it with the signal to click the mouse button on and you need to click on the stop recording and hence you are done.


We have provided you with the best and easy solutions to fix your issue of discord not detecting mic. We are sure after following All the above-mentioned methods and steps you will be easily able to solve your problem.

But then also it is not happening then you need to just remove the discord recent app from your PC and you need to reinstall it again with the latest version of it.

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